Take hull control with HullKeeper

Controlling the condition of your ship hull is the key to avoiding increased fuel consumption and GHG emissions, which are a threat to both business and the environment. With HullKeeper, you get a range of services for optimized hull performance. You will be able to identify potential problems long before they slow you down, allowing you to make better decisions, faster.

Hull Keeper hull performance

The operator's challenge

Biofouling is a major issue in shipping and leads to significant increases in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. If a ship is being operated directly by the shipowner, then the answer is to some extent in their own hands, but many ships are under time charters and it is the charterer that suffers even though hull condition and coating choice are not in his control.

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The HullKeeper Program

Jotun has developed an innovative program to optimize hull performance regardless of the chosen coating. Designed to help identify potential fouling problems before they slow vessels down, HullKeeper enables the ship operator to take hull control and make better decisions, faster.

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Jotun HullKeeper can help ship owners take hull control by enabling better decisions faster to maintain hull efficiency and environmental performance while also saving costs.

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Addressing environmental sustainability

There is growing pressure from regulators and consumers for the shipping industry to address sustainability issues and reduce its impact upon the environment. At Jotun we believe we can make a positive difference by developing new products and services that can help our customers meet the new demands, improve performance and make shipping cleaner and greener.

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Making a difference

As ship operators struggle to address regulatory and market pressures, Jotun is committed to supporting its customers and making a positive difference. Transitioning from a position of paint and coating supplier to solutions provider, we are developing concepts and services that meet customer needs and solve business challenges.

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What the customers say

HullKeeper is Jotun’s latest innovation helping ship operators tackle the biofouling problem and realise the potential of clean hulls. So, what do the customers say about it?

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