The HullKeeper Program

Designed by Jotun’s hull performance expert team, HullKeeper is a unique program enabling optimized hull performance regardless of the applied coating. Ship operators can take full control of their operations with hull monitoring, fouling risk alerts, inspections and advisory services helping them to identify potential fouling problems long before they start to slow their vessels down. They can use everything the program offers, or just select the parts that work for them. Services will be refined and added to ensure the HullKeeper program meets customer needs and requirements at all times.

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HullKeeper Monitoring

HullKeeper Monitoring keeps track of the many variables that affect hull performance. These include the vessel’s trading pattern and other factors that influence fouling pressure. It can seamlessly give ship operators the operational profile for a single vessel or for their entire fleet.

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HullKeeper Alerts

HullKeeper Alerts continuously evaluates a vessel’s fouling risk and an alert is triggered by Jotun’s advanced algorithm when the fouling risk reaches a certain threshold. The need for further action is evaluated to ensure the hull performance is maintained.

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HullKeeper Inspections

The HullKeeper program offers underwater hull inspections with an ROV which effectively provides eyes under water. The inspection is summarized in a detailed high-quality inspection report compiled by Jotun’s hull performance expert team. The report includes an assessment of observed hull condition, considers operational history of the vessel, and serves as basis for a dialogue on recommended actions to enhance hull performance.

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HullKeeper Advisory

Jotun has close to 100 years of experience in optimizing hull performance. This expertise is made available to our customers through HullKeeper Advisory, which provides high-quality reports and presentations, and allows in-depth discussions with our hull performance expert team.

Take hull control and get the best out of coatings of choice

Ship operators often need to make decisions based on information that may rapidly become outdated. One such decision is the choice of coating.

Coatings manufacturers have developed coatings for almost all eventualities but not as yet one that would be considered ideal for every permutation of factors. Once the coating has been applied, the operator is usually very much on their own as regards its future performance. That situation is changing as Jotun has developed a new program called HullKeeper.

Hullkeeper has been designed to enable operators to optimise the performance of their chosen hull coating through to the next drydocking or beyond, even if the operating parameters of the ship have changed and the coating would not normally be recommended. Also, where vessels are chartered in and the operator has little say in the choice of coating applied, HullKeeper does allow some control of performance over time and permits verification of any implemented actions aimed at improving performance.

With Jotun’s new HullKeeper program, the operator will have the opportunity to draw on the company’s vast experience in coating performance optimisation and advice on measures to take to ensure that worst case scenarios can be avoided.

Enabling better decisions, faster

The idea behind HullKeeper is to offer customised monitoring of hull performance and fouling pressure by combining and processing data from different sources. Using the data provided, The HullKeeper program will build an operational profile of the vessel for the owner to draw on. This could be for a single vessel or a full fleet. The service will then determine if a vessel has been exposed to a certain fouling risk. This is done by means of Jotun’s fouling risk algorithm which combine's trade auditing periods and oceanographic parameters.

If the fouling risk is considered as warranting investigation, an underwater inspection using a ROV will be recommended. Based upon the video of the hull condition, which can be transferred almost instantaneously, Jotun specialists can use their expertise and prepare an in-depth report to the operator. Because the fouling risk is being constantly monitored, a need for future action should be determined well before fouling becomes a major problem.

Included in HullKeeper is an advisory service that can be used to determine what action is needed and when and where it can be arranged. Alternatively, based on the knowledge of the coating, other remedial actions could be made.